Ao Dai

In Attire
This is the ao dai my grandma gave me
This is the ao dai my grandma gave me

The object that represents my family’s cultural identity is ao dai. Ao dai is an important symbol in the Vietnamese culture. Anyone traveling or coming to Vietnam is always impressed and fascinated by the designs of ao dai. Anyone of all ages can wear them. It is also often worn during special occasions including New Years, graduation, or even important competitions. Vietnamese Women would usually wear this clothing when appearing on television or attending a special event. In other words, ao dai helps promote Vietnam’s image around the world. My family migrated from Vietnam and landed in Massachusetts, United States for better opportunities and future. Ao dai is special to my family’s story because the ao dai my family has was a gift from my grandma. Her hope is that whoever wears it will remember where we came from and that we should be proud of it. My family’s story connects to other family stories because I believe that everyone has an object that represents their identity and culture that they bring with them.

– TM

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant