Wallace Plaid Kilt

In Attire

Picture this, you are not even a toddler. You ask your father about who came before your grandparents, and he tells you that your ancestors were brave and honorable warriors who wore skirts. Clearly, there needed to be some more explaining to young me. As it turns out a Kilt is a knee length garment traditionally made of wool with pleating towards the back. The Kilt originated in Scotland in the 16th century and was common dress for both men and boys. My father was the one to introduced me to the kilt. He, amongst other things told me about the cultural dress when I first asked about our Scottish heritage. Every noble family it scotland has a distinct pattern weaved into their kilt, called a set. Its purpose was to show their loyalty to their families, just as mine does today. Today, The kilt is now considered formal attire and is worn to funerals and weddings, although recently its been seeing a resurgence in common wear. It is also commonly worn during the highland games which is a summer celebration of gaelic or Scottish culture around the world. where traditional scottish dance, music, and sports such as the caber toss are enjoyed. My kilt is important to me because it proudly shows my family history as the pattern hasn’t changed for generations and it shows our prestige and fame. The Wallace pattern is very common and recognizable.

Year: 1643

– James W.

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