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Ukranian Vyshuvanka
Ukranian Vyshuvanka

The story of mine with this attire begins long when I born. Vyshuvanka is big part of Ukranian culture. There is a national Vyshuvanka day on third Thursday of May, when everyone is supposed to wear one. Every family in Ukraine has one for each of the family members independently from their financial status. Vyshuvanka has a unique patterns that can differ from purpose of wearing it (like for a wedding) to the region where of the person wearing. Elderly people are extremely good at telling where somebody's from based only on their Vyshuvanka. When it comes to colours: black, red and white are considered basic, while yellow, blue and green supplementary.According to traditional beliefs Vyshuvanka is used as talisman to protect the person wearing it. I remember from my childhood there's a common saying in Ukranian "народився у вишиванці" which translates to born in Vyshuvanka, it meant to emphasize someone's luck or ability to deal with problems. In modern time Vyshuvanka surves a purpose of a very special clothing that unites our nation across the world. 

Place(s): Ukraine

– Bohdan

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