Voronezh Paintings

These paintings were made by mother's best friend from Voronezh. They show images of the tiny town and they're currently hanging in my living room. They were given to my mother right before she and my father moved to the United States. My parents moved to New York City in 1991 from Voronezh, Russia. They moved right after the Soviet Union disintegrated and since there was little money, they had to live in a small apartment with my grandparents, my aunt, and my sister. It was really hard for my mother to go through medical school while raising a child and supporting her parents at the same time. After I was born and my parents got more money, they moved into a house where they would have the space to raise a family. My parents hung these paintings up in the living room to remind themselves of the home and all of the people that they left behind. While my mother no longer visits, since most of her family lives in the United States, my father still goes to Voronezh to visit his mother and sister and I imagine it must be extremely hard for him to leave them every time. At least with these paintings they can have a little piece of their old home in their new one.

Year: 1991

– Alice Kakurina

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