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The O Family - Mexico to USA
The O Family - Mexico to USA

           My grandfather who was born in the 50s and had decided to cross the border from Mexico to the United States of America to raise a family and live the American dream did exactly just that. As one can see the portrait of the children in the photo is very old and vintage-like. In that photo, the child far to the right is my mother. My grandfather had successfully crossed the border believing that he would move away from his ancestors and create even more work in the USA. When he crossed the border he became a labor worker working on city-like structures. He then met my grandmother who is a US citizen and had seven children with her. Every single person in my family has this portrait in their house and that’s what makes it so special to all of us. There are other portraits that are significant to my family tree but this one specifically has a special place in our hearts because it shows more than just four innocent faces, it presents love and comfort at home. My grandfather growing up as a kid in Mexico had a hard time dreaming of when and how he would cross the border and become a citizen. Like learned in the “El Norte, Mexican Experiences in 20th Century America”, my grandfather and myself are proud to know the Mexican contributions to America that his ancestors had offered. These contributions to America consist of helping to turn Los Angeles in El Paso into Industrial cities, contributed to the sustained growth of the railroad industry, and contributed to the music and entertainment industry creating history in the United States. (not all story is available).

Place(s): Mexico to USA

– CH

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