Relationship: Im/migrant
Picture of my American and U.K passport
Picture of my American and U.K passport

The passports represent the countries & cultures of my family. My paternal grandparents & dad are from Pakistan. He immigrated to the UK in the ‘90s. My maternal grandparents are from Pakistan, & they immigrated to the UK in the ‘60s. My mum was brought up in England along with the rest of her extended family. My parents met in England & got married, & my eldest brother was born in the UK. In 2001 my family immigrated to the US. My younger siblings & I were all born in America. Due to my mum’s work, we visited many countries while we were based in the US & visited our home countries multiple times. However, in 2008 my whole family moved back to the UK. After spending 6 years in England, we once again moved back to the US.Without my passports, my story wouldn't be the same. My life is a mix of three different continents & cultures. Each place has shaped me & allowed me to blend & enjoy the richness of each culture. My experiences have made me adaptable & taught me to appreciate the diversity of my heritage. My family is unique because we have kept in touch with our roots & culture despite immigrating many times over different generations. My passports are important because they've allowed my family & I to love and enjoy multiple cultures & fully express our identity. When someone asks me where I am from, I hesitate because I don’t see myself from one particular country; I see myself as a citizen of this world. A wonderfully diverse, culturally rich & surprisingly similar human race.

– A.A

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant