Relationship: Im/migrant

 My name is Marisol Espinoza. I am from Ecuador. I came to New York City on November 14, 2013. I am a student at the ESOL Immigrant Service Program at Sunnyside Community Services.  New York is a big City known by diversity of religions and customs, because a lot of people try to maintain their tradition and religion. When I came to New York from Ecuador, I brought an image that looks like a little statue of the “Virgin of Rocio” Those images are in the church in Biblian, Ecuador, the place where I lived before immigrating to the USA. The Virgin has an important meaning in my life and very important in my catholic religion, because she is very miraculous for all people who has devotion and my parents taught us since we were little.  Two years ago, when I went to my country, I visited that place it is a beautiful church in the middle of the mountain. Every year in September when they celebrate the virgin’s birthday my family sends a donation to celebrate a mass in honor of her for the many blessings, miracles and all the gratitude received for my son when he had a surgery, my husband when he was very sick in the hospital and for myself. 
She is our protector every day and when I have a difficult time in my life when we are far away from our family, I look at her and she gives me strength.  In gratitude to the virgin, she gave me this name in honor of the virgin. I have a small altar with the image in my house. I had to immigrate to have a better future for my family. 

Place(s): Biblian
Year: 2013

– Marisol Espinoza

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant