Guatemalan Worry Dolls

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Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Fun fact #1: Years later they also started making them in Mexico too!
Fun fact #2: All worry dolls are handmade even if bought from the store.
Fun fact #3: Worry dolls are usually used at night when you go to bed.
Fun fact #4: Worry dolls can be for a boy or a girl.
Fun fact #5: Every worry doll is/almost three inches long.
Fun fact #6: Each worry doll has a different expression and different clothing.             

This is a picture of my mother’s, bought (they are all handmade if you want you can make them), Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Which are also in Mexico but started in Guatemala. The items that I want to share today, is/are my mother's four (three inchlong) dolls that are called worry dolls. They could have been made by her mother/my grandmother, in Guatemala, where my mother and grandmother were born. ( but instead my mother bought them a few years ago.)

Most Worry Dolls can be up to around, three inches long each. You can make your own worry dolls, or you can purchase them in Guatemala. (or Mexico.)
My mother keeps all her worry dolls, in the pouches that she got them in. My mother bought these worry dolls when she last visited Guatemala/her old country. Although she never used them as a child, what she did do is, she told me that worry dolls are a tradition for everyone in Guatemala, to help them with their worries. My Mom still has these Worry Dolls, but she doesn't use them any more. So she keeps them in her night stand in a ziplock bag inside there individual little bags/ pouches. The last time we went to Guatemala was nine years ago.

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– Luz

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