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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Dress mom wore to meet my father
Dress mom wore to meet my father

My mother's vintage dress, it is this lavish, mid length black dress with embroidered jewels above the waistline. Every time I wear it my mom tells me about all the memories it holds. This dress is a constant reminder of my parents and their journey every time I wear it. My dad moved from El Salvador to the United States (US) in 1984, his brother had already been living there and would help him get started. A year later, my dad made the decision to return to El Salvador to retrieve his family due to the Salvadoran Civil War. When they had settled down and the war ended, my dad decided to return to El Salvador in hopes of searching for a wife. My mom at the time worked with my dad’s cousin and they invited my mom over for dinner to introduce her to my dad. My mother wore the vintage dress to the dinner and my dad had fallen in love just at the sight of her. Before returning to the US he asked his cousin for my mom's number and phoned her every single day for about 6 months before proposing to her. He said he would return for her and when he arrived she was wearing that same exact dress. Many families become influenced to move due to war. It makes me think about why people specifically choose to move to the US and I think it is because everyone from around the world hears so much talk about the freedom and opportunity you get for moving to this country. When you're trying to escape from something as treacherous as war, this country sounds like the safe haven to raise a family.

Place(s): El Salvador, United States
Year: 1984

– Nathaly Castro

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant