My Great Grandmother's Dress

In Attire
A beautiful dress of a grandma
A beautiful dress of a grandma

My object is a traditional dress. This dress existed for a long time in Dominican culture, but it didn’t get an official name until 2007, ”Cultivo de la vida” which means “cultivation of life” .
This dress is from the Dominican Republic. It's worn by women and younger girls during  a Dominican carnival. A Dominican carnival is the most vibrant celebration of Dominican culture and identity. It's a time when Dominicans of all ages enjoy parades with their family and their loved ones.The dress is made of cotton, it’s a white dress with red and Blue stripes. It is important to me because it belonged to my great grandmother, grandmother, then it has now been passed down to me now.
 I wonder who my great grandmother got it from?I also wonder what age she got it at?


Place(s): Dominican Republic

– AE

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