In Attire

The Chinese Vest is a traditional clothing in my country, Asia. It’s similar to the Japanese clothing named the Yukata. Different colors show different powers. Red gives luck/wealth, Blue gives courage, and yellow [or gold] gives you strength. We don’t have to wear them everyday; it’s not mandatory to wear it. However, you must wear it on Chinese Holidays like Chinese New Years because it could show that you’re a bad person and god would curse/smite you. The vest that I have, which is Red, is very important to me because my Grandma from my mom’s side from 8 years ago; 2007, and it is all I have left of her because she passed away a few months later. The funny thing is that I don’t fit it anymore. She also told me that she put a spell on it, basically like a lucky charm, but she also said that it gives you protection, luck, courage, and power when we are in harsh situations. I made a frame and framed it above my T.V in my room so it would remind me of her and it would keep the evil spirits away when I’m sleeping, or when I’m alone in my house. I don’t remember how the Chinese Vest was created [as like in religion]. Also, just like the Jewish, Muslims, and any other religion that has hats, we could also wear one, but it’s not necessary to wear one. You could wear one to increase your spirits to make god happy. And yeah, that’s the story of my Religious Clothing.

Year: 2007

– Matthew Tang

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