Scottish Tartan

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Scouttish Tartan and pin
Scouttish Tartan and pin

This is a Scottish Tartan, which is a pattern of horizontal and vertical woven wool in multiple colors. My grandparents gave me this when I was born, and also gave each of my sisters one when they were born. Each member of my family and my grandpa's family have their own Tartan. The Tartan I was given is green, black and red, unlike my sister's Tartan which is red, yellow and black. My grandpa's past family immigrated from Scotland to come to America and move to Chicago. Along with my Tartan I received a pin that says my grandpa's klan that his past family and relatives were apart of, called “Kincaid.” On the actual pin it has the words “I’ll defend” on the top of the pin with a design of a castle with a sword coming from the top. This Tartan and pin is important to my family because each one of us has our own unique Tartan and it reminds us of our grandpa and our past family history. Today, we each keep our Tartans all together in our living room to always remind us of our past. 

Place(s): Scoutland

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more