USB drive

In Attire
It is a. USB drive with lots of Photos.
It is a. USB drive with lots of Photos.

My family’s USB drive is very important because it brings us memories from when we were kids or when we used to travel with friends and families. An USB where you can save: photos, videos, music, documents etc. It is small, to use it you need a computer or your phone where you can upload the videos/photos. It is black with silver and is very old.This USB is very important now that we are here in the USA because it brings us old memories. There is a video of my second birthday that always makes me laugh. There are lots of photos/videos from a trip with many people of my family that is actually one of the best memories I have. My mom actually has it, so I have to ask her if I want to see it. It is very important to my family because it makes us remember how much we miss our country.

Place(s): Dominican republic
Year: 2019

– Erick Gonzalez

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