US Permanent Res. Application

I always knew my dad was from Macau, China through photographs he would show me but I did not know his full story. After seeing these papers, I asked my dad some questions to find out more about himself, his family, and my family. My dad immigrated to America from Macau in 1990. He was born in Heshan in the Guangdong Province in China and had four siblings. His family consisted of mainly farmers and he moved to Macau alone post-high school graduation in hopes of finding more opportunities, since Heshan lacked opportunities and his family did not have a lot of money there. When he lived in Macau for roughly ten years, he worked as a steam press worker to support himself. This is an image of the first page of his United States permanent resident application in 1989. My mom had already immigrated to the US with her family a few years before meeting my dad, and was introduced to him when she returned to China for a visit. His application was approved a year later and he arrived in America in summer 1990 to Queens, New York, where he hoped for more opportunities to come.

Year: 1989

– Karman

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