Ukrainian Borscht

Relationship: Im/migrant

Recipe for Ukrainian Borscht My object is a Recipe for Borscht. It’s a Ukrainian type of soup called Borscht. We eat it on special tradition’s and almost every month. Borscht is very delicious. This recipe has been passed on from my great grandpa to and my grandpa to my father to me. I chose this object because it reminds me of my great grandpa eating this with his family on our very special holiday and making just like my dad does now. It is still the delicious. Borscht is a very important Russian and polish cuisine.Ukraine is frequently cited of it’s place of origin. Borscht is eaten cold or hot. Some are clear and light,others are thick and substantial. Ukrainian borscht is a hearty soup of beef and a variety of vegetables. The soup takes its characteristic deep red color from beet’s. This soup is often eaten with sour cream and garnish. The question’s I would have asked my great grandpa is why did you decide to make this recipe and keep on passing on this recipe thru our family? The other question is what made you make this recipe? And did anybody teach you to make this soup? The last question is is this your favorite soup?

Year: 2007

– Nicholas

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant