U.S. Army Medic Pin

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U.S. Army Medic Pin
U.S. Army Medic Pin

This is my Great Grandfather’s (Opa) pin from his time in the army serving as a medic.  Opa grew up in a small town in Austria, called Krems. It was his dream to become a doctor and he began his studies in Vienna in 1936. By 1939, unfortunately, the rise of Hitler and Nazism in Europe halted his studies as Jews were no longer able to attend university.  His parents, fearing what was happening around them and wanting to protect his future, sent him to America, while it was still possible for Jews to leave. Soon after arriving in America, Opa joined the U.S. army and served as a medic since he had extensive medical training from his time in Austria. Opa always laughed at how his fellow soldiers said to him, “You Yankees talk funny,” mistaking his German accent for a northern one as they knew he lived in New York before serving in the army. Sadly, he was never able to  achieve his dream of becoming a doctor, however, he had a long and very successful career in the pharmaceuticals industry. This pin is very special to our family because it represents the time in Opa’s life when he was able to serve as a medic, at least giving him the opportunity to do what he loved and what he thought was going to be his life’s path.

Place(s): Austria, New York
Year: 1939

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Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more