Tuna Lasagna Recipe

Recipe of South African Tuna Lasagna
Recipe of South African Tuna Lasagna

This recipe was made by my Grandma Shula. It is a South African tuna lasagna recipe. This dish is made for family dinners, like birthdays, celebrations, and really for any event. Sometimes even for normal every night dinner. This is also used at Jewish traditions. My mom would eat this when she was a kid growing up and would love to help her mom cook it, then she brought it back to America where I like to help also. The recipe is in a book that my Grandma would write all her recipes in. It is not in the best shape anymore. The recipes have stains on them, there are some small tears in the corners, and they are a little wrinkled. A lot of the other recipes in the book have been torn out and are not attached anymore. This recipe is different from typical Italian lasagna because tuna and cottage and cheddar cheeses are used instead of meat and ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. 

Place(s): South Africa
Year: 1945

– S.G.

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