My object is a Tumi from Peru. It was used as a legendary mythical knife with all types of tales, legends, and myths about it. It’s made of metal but the real color is rusted gold. It has a small face at the top before the handle of the knife it sort of looks like a shovel, but it’s a knife. It was given to my mother by her mother, my grandmother, as a reminder of Peru.  
I chose the Tumi as my object because it has an interesting cultural history. It was dated back to 500 BC. A tumi was from then on used as a traditional historic ceremonial knife. They were commonly used with the group Paracas. In addition to the Paracas, the Chimu and Moche and Inca were descendants of the sun god, Inti also used it. All this culture just proved Peruvian people would welcome, appreciate their old customs and try to keep them alive. 
I love to look at it, reminds me of our culture and originality. I am the only one out of my three sisters that actually recognize how amazing our culture is. My Peruvian ancestors were creative and hopeful people.

Place(s): Peru

– Grace

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child