Albanian Award

Its a pin to show hes an Albanian Hero!
Its a pin to show hes an Albanian Hero!

 The object I'm showing is my Great Grandfather's award. It was his declaration that he was given from the Albanian President, Ilir Meta. I’m Albanian and my parents and my family immigrated here from Albania. The pin and piece of paper shown is from Albania that my dad got two years ago on October 14th. It is currently kept at my fathers restaurant hung up and it is used to show the hero of Albanian people and his accomplices. If you read the paper it tells you why he got the label “Albanian Hero”. People in Albania used to not be able to get the education they deserved and my great grandfather, Gjon Gjekë , helped them get the things they deserved. We have a special holiday we celebrate, not exactly for him but for the Albanian heritage. It's Albanian Independence day, or what some people call it “Flag day”. It's a day we celebrate Albanian heritage and the people that fought for our country. It is currently owned by my dad and in the future it may be passed down to my brother or one of my cousins in the future. My Grandmother was the first person to tell me about it and my dad educated me on it and what it resembles. It's important to my family because it's a part of our history and shows what my great grandfather did. 

Place(s): Albania


Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more