This is my basketball trophy standing.
This is my basketball trophy standing.

Hello, my name is dylan. My story is about my trophy. You might wonder about how I got it. The way I got my trophy was doing a basketball tournament which lasted about 13 weeks and we play each week, 4th place gets medals, 3rd, second, and first get trophies. My best one was in 2019 which is the one I am showing right now. I got second place and It can stand regularly or on its back as i will show in the photos area. If you want to know another fact, that fact is the first place trophy was higher but not much different and the 3rd place trophy was like my trophy but without the back wall with the stars and stuff like that. The way it feels is regular, the stars feel like metal and the trophy feels like plasticity but not really, it's a little hard to explain because it feels a little different than plastic. How does it taste? I do not know because I have never done that and I never will. How does it sound when I drop it? I do not really want to drop it so I will pass on testing that. Last but not least, what do you do with it? I use it to think about how good I can be at basketball and that I should never give up and that If something happens that I dont like or something hard, then I Just let it go and I think about my trophy because it motivates me to be better.

Place(s): new york
Year: 2009

– Dkaufman

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