Picture of Home In Bangladesh

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A frontal view of the main home.
A frontal view of the main home.

My item is pictures of my home in Bangladesh, it has been in my family for generations and the land itself has been my family’s since the time of the Bengal Princes. After the British had conquered the region my family tore down the fortress there and replaced it with an administration building to administer the local area of East Bengal. After the British left and Pakistan had started to commit genocide against the native Bengalis my family turned their administration home into a home for the Mooktheechudaa, the freedom fighters of Bangladesh. My Grandfather would train more Mooktheechudaa on how to properly fight in the home. He would also house refugees wishing to escape, using some of the connections he still had in England he saved as many as he could. Often when Pakistani soldiers would come to search for Bengalis to kill and Bengali women to rape, my grandfather would feed them and loosen their lips with alcohol. He would then get the information he could from them before sending them away and using the info he gained for safer travel for refugees and help in the warfare in Bangladesh. Both my family and the house were offically recognized as Mooktheechudaa after the war ended. This helped years down the lines when my grandfather would use the connections he had made to secure my family citizenship into America.

Place(s): Bangladesh, Kolotia
Year: 1989

– Sabiq Kennedy

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant