Relationship: Im/migrant

 “During my childhood I lived with my grandparents in the Philippines. Both my parents were working overseas, in Saudi Arabia, a very common situation for Filipino families. So my Mom and Dad left me with my Papa and Mama, my grandparents, and they took care of me until I was six.

“Throughout my studies and jobs I’ve used several means of transportation, today I mainly take the NYC subway! Back then, when I was still a small child, my transportation was this tricycle with a unique driver, my Papa. 

“I was four years old when I first hopped on my Papa´s tricycle. Before getting on the tricycle, he would give me a bath, and then prepare my lunchbox and serve me breakfast. I was very spoiled, I was his first granddaughter, his little princess... He taught me to always say “good morning” before breakfast, and to get ready for school, to make sure in particular I was always well dressed and groomed, and punctual!  Back then I used to get angry at him whenever he wanted to brush my hair, but now as I remember I find it cute too.  Even though we often quarreled, we always hopped happily on his tricycle. We would sing together, practice poems or mathematics on the way to school, which was about 20 blocks away from home. It was a short ride but it always made me feel happy. 

“From that time I remind myself  that simple things, simple moments can make your day incredible. And that’s why I always try to enjoy the ride even when it's on the NYC subway. This is for my Papa and his tricycle.”

Place(s): Philippines
Year: 2015

– Athena

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant