In the early to mid 1900’s my Grandpa who was at that time stationed as an engineer on a boat in Japan. He was out one night and he met my grandma. Eventually they got married and that allowed my grandma to come to the United States with ease since she married an American. My great grandma was still in Japan. Coming back from Japan my grandparents moved to Washington state. Japan and America are very far away. Since my great grandma still wanted to see her family, every once and a while she would come to the United states and every time she came she would stay for a long time. Since she can’t really speak English she would bring over an old fashioned translator so she could understand everyone except for my grandma who could just speak Japanese to her. Since then the translator has been passed down from generation to generation so I am hoping it is passed down from my mom to me. It is a reminder of my Japanese history, culture, and my sweet great grandma that I have heard so much about, but never had the chance to meet.

Place(s): Japan and Washington State

– Kai Ferkel

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant