Benin cultural beads

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Benin cultural beads
Benin cultural beads

Food has always been tradition in our culture for different occasions such as marriages, Elderly birthdays and so on. In occasions such as marriages, there is a common practice where the couple is obliged to eat a certain soup called black soup on the day of their marriage. It's been a part of the culture for decades. The Benin culture is one of the great tribes in Nigeria that is highly recognized.
There are multiple antiques and artifacts that go way back in the Benin culture such as beads, statues, hats made out of feathers and so much more. The beads represent the cultural heritage. People from the Benin tribe wear these beads on so many occasions too for the purpose of identity and the beads mean a lot to the people because they are passed down from ancestor to ancestor, meaning their great-great-grandparents wore the same beads they currently put on their neck and wrist. This gives the beads a lot of significance to the people and they hold on to it as an ancient artifact and pass it down to their children.
My dad gives me different beads on different occasions, and he also said he would give me his father’s beads when I turn 2. I really want to keep the culture going on in my family and hopefully pass the beads on to my son in the near future.

Place(s): Nigeria, Benin
Year: 2002

– Ray Osayi Idugboe

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant