Traditional Indian Clothing

In Attire

Do you have a favorite suit or dress that you always put on for special occasions when you go out with your family? In my culture, my family always throws huge expensive parties on extremely special occasions, so what you wear is always a question. One of the most special occasions is a wedding. This past summer in July my cousin got married and the wedding was in Cancun, Mexico. During the actual wedding it is tradition to wear Indian clothing. I was opposed to this idea because I honestly felt I would look weird wearing this type of clothing instead of just a suit. My mom informed me that all my cousins would be wearing this traditional Indian clothing, so I ended up wearing the clothes. Ultimately, this decision could not have been better and what I realized is that my family, cousins, and I were all embracing our culture and celebrating a very happy occasion that everyone will always remember. This clothing is important to me because it connects to my culture because I am half Indian, as my Mom was born in India and my Dad was born in America. The main reason this piece of clothing is so important to me is because it reminds me of my culture and where my roots are. Additionally this piece of clothing is extremely comfortable and different, which makes my family stand out. Every time this type of clothing is worn I know I am going to have a great time with family and have memories I will never forget.

Year: 1973

– Zachary Dahl

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