Toyota Camry

The reason why this car is special to my family's journey to the United States is because when my family arrived here no one had enough money to buy a car. So what they did was buy one car between all of my dad's sisters and brothers. They agreed to share it and give each other rides to where they needed to go. My dad tells me that there was at times 10 or 11 people riding the car because it was the only one that they had. He says he was always nervous while riding in the car because it was old and it did not have tinted windows so if a police saw 10 people in the car they would be pulled over. No one had papers nor a drivers license. They were risking their lives in the United States just to provide food for the family. In the car there would be my grandma and grandpa, 4 of my cousins, 2 uncles, 1 aunty the driver and my dad. This was the only way of transportation they had because they barely made enough to pay bills and pay for food.

Year: 1993

– Jose P.

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