Toy Marine ship

A sentimental item is something that is associated with comforting emotions, feelings such as petty or compassion, and can tell a story from that one item. For me and the rest of my family this item is a toy marine ship. This ship came from my grandfathers dad. This ship came in a package of six others but we only have one. I believe this item that we hold creates an image that portrays what kind of family we are. This ship was a gift to my grandfather from his dad to remind him that even though he never sees his dad, he will always be with him and be reminded of because of this ship. My grandfather than joined the legacy of his dad and became part of the marine corps. Because of this my dad had to travel to a different place almost every year because his dad didn't want to live the same life has his dad, and to never get to see his son. Then my grandfather gave my dad and my dads brother both another marine ship. My dad didn't want to live the same life as his dad, but his brother did and now he's part of the marines. My dads brother gave my cousin a ship just like my grandfathers dad to let him know he's never gone. To this day we only have two left which are in the hands of my brother and I. Even though this item is small it holds a big chunk of my families  story and is the reason why it is sentimental. 

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