Kyrgyz Flag

Almost a decade ago my mother migrated from Kyrgyzstan to the United States. It has been so long, but I still remember when she packed 3' x 5' regular size flag and took it with her. It was our national flag. My mother grew up in a communist country. She was born and raised during the Soviet Union. Under communism it was prohibited to have a national identity. Everyone was taught to believe that under the communist regime there are no national identities, religious beliefs, and cultural values. However in 1991 the Kyrgyz republic declared its independence from the Soviet Union. It created its own national flag, seal, anthem, and established its own currency. My mother was very proud of her history, nationality, culture and family. She hung this flag on the wall to always remind herself how hard her people fought in order to be recognized as an independent nation. Until today, we have this huge flag hanging on the wall at the entrance to our home. Even my brother, who came to the United States at very young age, knows the meaning of each detail of the flag. Oftentimes my mother tells us “No matter how far or for how long you will be away from your homeland, you should never forget where you came from.”

Year: 2007

– Ayperi Jarashbek

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