Town Placard

Town Placard of the county courthouse
Town Placard of the county courthouse

Ever since my dad was born, he has spent his entire life in Conway. From growing up in his childhood home in the heart of downtown, to now living in the fields he once hunted as a young boy at his grandma's house. My family may not have a crazy interesting immigration story, but there is no doubt that we take pride in our historic little farm town. Growing up in Conway has made us all into who we are today. Because of this, we have decorative town placards placed above our window seals in our kitchen. The county courthouse is pictured. The buildings include the old library, the museum, old churches, the historical downtown bridge, and the peanut warehouse. One of the churches is actually the church that my parents got married at. These town placards are also found in my grandparents home as well as my aunt and uncles home. There's not a place you could ride by in Conway that my dad wouldn’t have a story to go with. Not only does this object represent our hometown, but pieces of our hearts that bring my entire family together. 

Place(s): South Carolina

– Cecilia Beverly

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