My artifact is from Mexico and it is called a tortillera (tor-ti-yera). In Mexico, it is used to make certain kinds of food. They also use this to make hand made tortillas. This is important to me because it was passed down from my great grandma. Her name is Rosa, She had this when she learned how to cook back in Mexico. She kept this until my grandma moved out and had children. Then my grandma passed it down to my aunt as a teenager. Now, my mom has it. One day this treasure will be mine to cook with. My tortillera is important to my culture because in Mexico it is used to make a dish called picaditas. Picaditas are just handmade tortillas made from a tortillera. Then you can put anything on it like cream, cheese, beans or chili. It is very similar to a enchilada. This object’s important to me because it is a way to remember my great grandma because she is in Mexico and we can’t see her as often as we’d like. In the United States, you may have eaten some meals that were prepared using a tortillera. Some of the things you can make with a tortillera are quesadillas and tortillas. In English it is called a "tortilla press". Some of them are made out of iron or aluminum. Mine is made out of iron. The original tortilla press which is much bigger than mine was invented in 1911 in Mexico. My family uses it all the time to make food at home, and it reminds me of Mexico.

Year: 1911

– Hannia

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant