Tortilla Maker

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Tortilla maker (tortillera)
Tortilla maker (tortillera)

The item I am presenting is a Tortilla Maker (tortillera). I have chosen this item because it is special to my mom and grandma. The tortilla maker or “tortillera” is made of iron. to make the tortilla you need to use “masa”. Masa is made out of dried corn (maize). You cook the dried corn (maize) and you start grinding it. Then you get the the dough called masa. Here you get to use the tortilla maker (tortillera).  You make a ball out of the masa and you put it in the middle of the tortillera and then you press on the handle and you get the tortilla. Then you get tortilla and cook it on the stove. Then you get the finished tortilla.

My grandma taught my mom how to make tortillas. The first time she made it she was twelve years old. My mom was very nervous the first time she did it because she didn’t want my grandma to feel disappointed in her. My grandma did it first and told my mom every step of the process to make the tortilla. After my grandma did it, my mom tried. When she did it it came out wrong. My mom tried again and came out wrong, again. She tried four more times and after the fourth try she made an okay one. Then after that point, my mom took turns with my aunts and my grandma with making tortillas. After many times of practice, my mom got better and better. And at one point she made the tortillas perfect. But when she was first starting making the tortillas my grandpa didn’t want to eat them because the shape didn’t look that appetizing. But then my grandpa started eating them when she got better. That’s why this item is so special to my family.       

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 1999

– Dylan

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant