Three Kings Day sign

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The Three kings sign in my doorway
The Three kings sign in my doorway

The object I chose is a Three Kings Day sign. To get the information I needed I interviewed my mom, Ezili Joseph. This object came from my great-great grandmother. The Three Kings Day sign is made from wood, it is used to remind us about this holiday. I asked my mom why Three Kkings Day was celebrated and why was it so important and she said, “We celebrate the Epiphany. That is a tradition when Baby Jesus was born and the Three Kings came to find him because an angel told them about his birth. They followed a star and it brought them to Bethlehem where Mary and John and baby Jesus were. They brought presents to the baby and they were told that he was the king of everyone. And it's because of the Catholic religion that we celebrate it.” My Mom would like this object and tradition to be passed on because she says, “ It reminds us to keep celebrating this holiday even though we don't live in those areas anymore.” I can see it is very important to her and to her family. When I was five my mom said that Three Kings Day brings us closer together. I did not understand back then but I do now. This holiday is not just about getting presents or having a second Christmas, it is about being together and sharing a connection and happiness. 

Place(s): Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Massachusetts
Year: 1996

– Camila

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant