Family Bible

When I was asked to write about an object that is related to my family story, without a hesitation the first thing that came into my mind was my mother’s old Bible. This Bible was given to my mother by my grandfather in 1970. When my mother received the Bible she was 7 years old; this bible meant the world to my mother. She kept it until 2012 a year before she immigrated to the United States. People sometimes lose what they love; my mother lost my grandfather, but that wasn’t her only loss; she mom also lost the bible. Before coming to the United States my mother use to live in a strict religious country were freedom is limited, and Christians might get killed because of their religion. When the opportunity was open for my mother to travel, she wasn’t able to take the Bible with her. The bible was everything to her, but her life could’ve been taken if the security guards at the airport found the bible in her bag. But that never affected the relationship between my mother and the Bible. Until this day she always keep mentioning stories of how she always kept all our memories and picture inside that bible and how she wished she could have it back one day.

Year: 2010

– Bishoy Gerges

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