Sacred Heart of Jesus

Relationship: Im/migrant

My sacred heart of Jesus is a small picture that my father gave me about twenty-five years ago. It is the gift that has impressed me most in my life. It reminds me always of my house where I was born. My father bought that little picture when I was about five years old, and he kept it in a small wood table in his bedroom. Every time I look at the picture, the day we moved to the city comes to my mind. That is when my father gave me the picture that I have always kept with me. I think that he gave it to me because I am youngest of the children.It means a lot to me because it was a special gift from my father especially to me. Furthermore, it makes me so grateful to my father, because he passed his religion on to me. On it is drawn the face of Jesus and also, I remember the respect that my father taught me about him. It has a special sentimental value, because it reminds me too of the words that my father always said to me, about praying when I have any problem, and that he every day prayed with us. These prayers have brought me comfort through difficult times. About ten years ago, I moved to New York City together with my children and my father. Our life was not very easy at first, but my father always reminded me of prayers, and they helped.

Year: 2006

– Celsa Pena

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant