Thiouray (Wousla)

Relationship: Im/migrant

Made with thiouraye (incense) and xamare (branches) this vase flower like peice serves as two purposes for decoration and for smell. Originating from Mali, west Africa, the thiouraye is made with incense and scented woods and seeds. Thiouraye is soaked for a year giving it a perfume smell which makes a home smell good and feel relaxed and refreshing. This is essential part of the Malian household where the house is expected to be good and smell good and be welcoming and relaxed as well. This here is an essential part of the women as well where the home is hers to keep well and a reflection of her so she needs to ensure it smells refreshing and welcoming and really good. This is apart of our history and one of the traditions I have picked up and adored.

Place(s): Bamako
Year: 1996

– KDSoc201

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant