The Traveling Bracelets


Like most immigrant stories Mohanie’s started off as one of hardship. She left out of fear, separation from her family, and in search of a “better life” for herself in order to support her only child and herself. All of the money she had saved up over the years were spent on getting over to the United States, and two bracelets engraved with names, one for herself and her son. This hardship quickly turned into an experience and an adventurous one at that. While she had left behind a place full of memories, a place where she had grown up, she was making new memories, doing things she’d never done before. The simple task of getting on a flight was not so simple for someone who was traveling for the first time. Upon arrival, she was reunited with her parents, and was especially glad to see her mother who had been gravely ill when she last saw her. Words could not describe the amount of joy she experienced at that moment. Almost immediately after arriving she began working as she does to this day, enjoying the time she has with her family and hoping to continue to progress in order to make her children’s lives better. The bracelets serve as a reminder of what her life was like before, and how much opportunity everyday gives for a better life tomorrow.

Place(s): Guyana
Year: 2003

– Chunilall Kissoon

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child