Cover/Blanket (Seurou Ndiago)


My object is a blanket or special cover in cotton made by the weaver. Every girl are supposed to receive it the day of their Baptism by the person they are named after. Mine was given by my grandmother, my mother's mom. This blanket serves to protect you and is considered as a gift of gratitude. The newborn is covered with it at his Baptism while the elder are shaving her head and is laying on it all the rest of the day. The girl can keep the blanket on her side all her life until marriage or simply entrust it to her mother. It is an important object for me because I had it from my grandmother since my birth and the day of my marriage, if unfortunately she is not with me, I will always have a part of her by my side. The day of my marriage, I can receive others as a gifts because in Senegalese tradition it's always something that the woman will need in her marriage. And at the time of joining my husband, I will have to be covered with it and before entering the house, another blanket of the same type will be spread on the ground so that I walk on it before joining my next house. All this is done to protect my married life and my life as a Senegalese woman.

Place(s): Senegal
Year: 2018

– R.D

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child