Filipino Flag


This is the Filipino flag! There are a couple of different meanings on all of the colors and some very interesting cultural facts. The blue symbolizes peace, truth, and justice. The red symbolizes bravery, courage, and patriotism. The white symbolizes liberty, equality and fraternity. 
Philippine culture is very fascinating. In 1565 to 1898 the Philippines was controlled by Spain. Filipino culture was ripped and now their whole language is a mix of Spanish and their native language. Then the United States took over in 1898-1946  which is why a large amount of people in the Philippines speak English.  
There is 1 food that is the BEST  food ever (in my opinion), which is called chicken adobo. It has rice (the biggest food in their culture) , chicken and green beans. There's also some pretty good candy. My favorite is something like a tootsie roll, just its flavor is vanilla.

Place(s): Philippines

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