The Strongest People I Know

4 Generations
4 Generations

In the history of my family, women have always been the pillars of unwavering strength. Through generations, they have created a legacy of brave, beautiful, and strong women. The women in my family have been through indescribable pain and hardships but they only emerged stronger and more together. Their lives are a testament to the powerful spirit that flows through my veins. At the heart of my family’s strength is the caring, joyous, and nurturing spirit we each carry. But, the most important aspect that all the women in my family uphold is unwavering support. They show that strength is not only about the individual being strong but rather, the entire unit. This support makes me know that no matter what I am loved and someone will always show up for me. 

I never met my great-grandmother Clemtine Firven but, when I see the old photos and videos of her I can see her spirit, and I know that what once flowed through her now flows through me.   So, whenever I’m feeling lost or confused I know I can look down and see the women whose shoulders I’m standing on. I’ve only gotten where I am because they allowed me to climb on their shoulders and rise. I am my great-grandmas, my grandmas, my aunts, my cousins, my moms, and those who came before me and those who will come after my wildest dream. For them, I will continue to be the best that I can be today, tomorrow, and every day. In conclusion, the women in my family are not only strong but, the embodiment of strength itself. I love you all and I will make you proud. 

– Johari

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