Promise Ring

This ring belongs to my mother. My mother arrived to the United States 24 years ago from Ecuador. This ring symbolized the love between my mom and dad. Before she migrated to this country my dad came first leaving her with 7 children for a better life. My dad gave her this ring promising her that soon they will be together again as a family, with a better life and better condition. He asked her that whenever she felt lonely to look at the ring and remember their promise. Couple of years passed by and he brought her to the U.S. Throughout this time this ring kept her optimism and motivation. This ring traveled with her through her struggles and sacrifices while crossing over to this country. The ring also represents her home country. She tells me that when she looks at her ring she remembers her city, her little house where she shared with my dad and siblings. It makes her feel like she’s home with her people. 24 years after this ring is still worn and she still remembers their promises and even though my father is no longer with us she still looks back to the first day the ring was gifted to her. She tells me that this ring not only reminds her of my dad but also her mom who also passed away. My grandmother took my mom to bless the ring in the same church my mom got married. Overall, this is a special ring that forever will remain in her heart and her great memories of family and love.

Year: 1989

– Abigail

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