The Stones

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My dad came to America from Mexico. When he decided to emigrate to America he thought it would be cool to bring a few stones. The stones are Blue Aragonite, Fluorite and Turquoise. The reason my dad brought these items with him is because they reminded him of his own dad. Even now, when he looks at the stones, he has a very special way of talking about all the things he did with his father and the rest of the family members when he used to live in Mexico. My dad found the Blue Aragonite while walking with his dad when they were both hiking in the mountains in 1981. Later, my dad found the Fluorite stone with his mom in 1985. My dad found the Turquoise with his sisters in 1990. These rocks have been in my family for 35 years.I chose these stones because these are the only things that my dad brought with when he immigrated to America. The Blue Aragonite is like 1-2 centimeters long. The stone is squared and has a light blue color on the surface. The Turquoise has a bumpy surface the color is a mixture of blue and green. The Fluorite is like the Blue Aragonite but a little bit darker in color and has a triangular shape. His best story is about how these stones made him feel safe and at the same time made him feel hopeful. My father could have brought many other items to this country but he is proud of these stones.

Year: 1995

– Isaac

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant