The Quaran
The Quaran

The Quran is a really important part of Islam it’s a relgious book. The book is like a whole series that tells you about god or how I like to say Allah. It is a story about Allah and all of his messengers.Loving messenger, Prophet Muhamad was a good man. My dad and brother are currently trying to read the whole Quran and the word spelling in the Quran it is the same.As for English it's pretty hard to understand because I read the Quran really well but I just don't understand it so don’t think it's going take a while to learn it so don’t think it's easy before doing it yourself. Every night I read to get better, but little by little, so I can better  understand it. My dad understands way more than I do. So how did I get so good at the Quran? I went went to an Arabic school.But anyway the Quran is a really important part of Islam and Muslim religion and the Quran you read it during you pray and there’s five prayers in the day: Fegr, Thor, Asr, Magrib, and Asha. 

Place(s): Islam

– AA

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