Statue of Lukunath Baba

My friend Priyanka first came to the United States on September 3rd, 2006 and has been living here for almost ten years. Her father first immigrated to the U.S. from Bangladesh, more specifically the town of Chittagong in the village called Shitakund, to earn money. He eventually called the rest of the family over so that his children could receive a better education. After immigrating to a new country things were not easy for my friend because for one she was away from her family (except her immediate family) and she also did not speak the language so she was limited in who she could talk to and felt very lonely. One thing that she brought with her was a tiny statue of a god that she and her family believed in. The god’s name is Lukunath Baba and he is a god that would provide protection to those who were in trouble. When he was a human being he was a monk and had lived the life of a sage. She told me that as a person he was not divine, but was very kind. My friend and her family found comfort in having this statue because it reminded them that they were being protected and they would pray to this god and give him offerings as well.

Year: 2006

– Laura Ly Rodriguez

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