The pilon was first used by the Tainos Indians. Northern Spanish historians mention seeing the Indians use giant size vases to mash different things. The ancient pilons were much like the pilons of today. They were the same shape but quite rustic. The Tainos would step one foot on the base to prevent it from tipping over when it was hit with the giant wooden stick. The Tainos used hollowed-out tree trunks to form large, waist high pilones.   An item that is very special to my family and me is the pilon. A pilon is a long wooden cup with no handles. It comes with a long thick wooden stick that, when you use it, smashes the ingredients inside. They use this item often in Puerto Rico. People from all around the world use this item. The reason why the pilon is so important to my family is because my grandma would make a dish that’s called Mofongo and my whole family would sit around the table to eat it. You can use the pilon to smash garlic and other spices needed to make the mofongo, and you can smash soda crackers to make empanadas (breaded steak), as well.

– Gianna Anderson

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