evening snack

Relationship: Im/migrant

I immigrated to New York in 2013 from Pakistan. Since, New York is a melting pot where you explore different people from different cultures and backgrounds, one thing that observed that food is one of the important representations of culture. It is also true about my culture as well.  Food plays an important role in bringing all family members together. In my country, we used to eat two meals of the day together with our family. There was less hustle as compared to the fast life of New York where we see each other either for few minutes at night or we after few days. I would say that parenting has also changed since we have immigrated, now we are more independent and take decisions on our own unlike children of our age in my country. Evening snack time was most interesting and enjoyable time of my day. This was a time when I used to sit down with my sister and mother and quality time while we enjoy some snacks with tea. Being more attached with my mother this was the time of the day when we sit together and share our daily routine. Food and quality time with members is what i miss a lot about my country, but New York has helped me grow and move upward everyday. Each day has been a new and better experience for me.
 A lot of cart vendors used to sell different snacks during evening time. I am sharing some of the pictures of snacks.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant