Rolling Pin

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This rolling pin represents thousands of cookies and hundreds of pies baked with love. It is a symbol of passion, toil, care, nourishment and my grandmother. This rolling pin belonged to my grandma, Regina Tremmel. She lived in a small town called Ashton, Iowa. My grandmother was born in Iowa and was the daughter of immigrants from Germany. She lived in a time when everything was handmade and she baked like crazy when she knew my brother and I were coming. I remember racing past her hug at the door to get to the cookie jar and grab a gingersnap. She was an impatient teacher and expected that you would just learn how to do it right by watching her. My pie baking has improved over time, but I was inspired by her craft and had to toil myself in many failed crusts with that same rolling pin. This rolling pin was probably never the highest quality, but it has a lot of sweet and savory memories embedded in it’s wood. I have broken both handles, but still it rolls my own cookies, crusts and pizzas and I like to think that they all taste a little like my grandma’s baking. 

Place(s): Iowa, Germany

– BB

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant