The Necklace

This necklace is so special, and have a beautiful and significant story. My grandmother give to me when I was a little girl she told me all the time ''my sweet baby girl this will going to protect you always'' keeping in never lose it. I'm from Dominican Republic and 2 years ago when I came to United States of America this necklace began to be my treasure; This turned to be so important for me and symbolic because since my first day in this country when I started school, I went looking for a job, while trying to have a conversation with anyone and it was very difficult for me because I did not know much about the language. It was so hard because usually I was shaking and I was scared when I had to talk to someone else. The truth is that for some reason at the time for despair grabbed my necklace and with squeezed out, magical or not this could soothed me and I could speak very clear English. This was my secret and i want to share my story with you, this causes me great satisfaction and doubts, I really love my necklace and for my experiences I believe a lot in their power but the reality is that I think the real magic that this has is love, trust and respect I feel for my grandmother.

Year: 2014

– Ixchel Gomez

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