The Music that Lives On

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My passion
My passion

Music has been an important source of entertainment in all societies, from the rhythmic beating of drums in ancient Africa to the upbeat K-Pop today. Within the last few hundred years, music in general has increased in popularity due to its ease of accessibility. Amidst the growing interest in pop, rock, rap, and hip hop, other styles such as classical music have begun to fade into the background. In my home this is not the case. From a young age I have had an interest in classical music, especially in listening to it being played on instruments like the violin and piano. When I was eleven I started learning to play the piano and not only did I continue to love the classical music world, but my desire for it grew. This love started with my father, who passed it to me, and I will continue to preserve this passion in our family for as long as I live. The love of playing and listening to classical music will, at some point, fade into a mere piece of history. But if I have any influence over my family and future children, this terrible loss will not happen in my lifetime. 

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant