The Mud Oven

My Great Uncle Harris immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago to Washington state. He moved to the U.S with his wife on January 5, 1968. He moved with a very special picture. The picture has a mud oven with a lady. This picture is special because it reminds him of the time his parents built a mud oven. They built the mud oven because they couldn’t afford a metal stove. My uncle immigrated to Washington State in the United States in hopes of a better life and job to support his family (and to get that metal stove.) A few struggles he had to overcome was the difference in colour and accent. In one of his jobs in a shipyard he had to prove to the “white folks” that he wasn’t so bad. During his time there he had to learn how to speak slower so people could understand him. It is important for people to understand about immigrants and their experience because it shows what most of the people in America and their ancestors had to go through to make this place we call America. This connects to being an American because our ancestors are immigrants. Immigrants are the foundation to America. This influences American identity because it shows that immigrants did actually shape our country.  

Place(s): Trinidad and Tobago
Year: 1968

– Prudence

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant