Relationship: Im/migrant

       My story began on July 2nd,2011. I have never been on a plane and i have never seen any other countries except the cities of Uzbekistan. I remember being so excited coming to New York but also sad for leaving my homeland. Now, you might ask why i chose this magnet as my object. So while i was waiting for my plane in the airport of Uzbekistan, I bought these magnets which have a picture of the city i was born in. I bought these magnets so that i can put it on my refrigerator or anywhere to remind me of my country.
        Now, this magnet is always on our refrigerator and everytime someone comes over that isn't from our nationality , they see this magnet and know that we are from that city and know that we are those people who have something that makes us remember about our country.
        Even if this magnet isn't very valuable, it still reminds me the day i bought it and came to New York City. In addition, it makes me remember where i came from.

Place(s): Uzbekistan
Year: 2011

– Malika Israilova

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant